A World In Chaos
A World in Chaos is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition campaign set in the homebrew world of Itlan. It is a place of wonder, magic and extreme danger. Mere survival on Itlan is difficult and it would seem nigh impossible for one to gain power and prestige. But that is what makes seeking out such things so inviting to adventurers and heroes. For those who would dare risk their own lives in search of better lives, the reward is well worth it if they can only survive that long.

Itlan as a world was once made up of many separate islands with unique landscapes. When they merged at the end of the war between the gods, the resulting continent was filled with an unbelievable variety of locations that were all starkly different. Since that time certain sections began to look a little more similar, but for many it is a wonder to see such stark contrasts in close proximity to each other. The same can be said for the beasts and monsters of the world. Literally hundreds of varieties can be found roaming the lands, and though some have died off there always seems to be others ready to take their place in the natural order of things.

What makes A World in Chaos Different?

  • The wildly different landscapes: Because the major continent of Ardhmur was formed by numerous islands, its terrain features drastically change from place to place.
  • The races: While the races in the world are the same seen throughout the D&D universe, each has unique personalities and histories on Itlan.
  • The unknown: Because of turmoil throughout the history of the world, much of it has yet to be fully explored. Added to that is the numerous ruins of long forgotten places and the opportunity for discovery is unlimited.
  • The power: Itlan is a place where the downtrodden can rise up and the powerful can be cast down. Dangers lurk everywhere and heroes tend to be few and far between. But all must remember that no matter how stong you are, there is likely someone stronger out there.