Ayuka Suzuki


Young and voluptuous, Ayuka seems to be gifted by an unnatural beauty. She has an average build and stands at an average height of 5’6’ while her figure is well endowed and expressive. Her smooth white skin gives off a youthful, feminine, look that matches her facial features. Her short straight and silky brown hair frames her face which is dotted by her large blue eyes, cute nose and soft lips.

She wears an extremely exquisite hand-tailored outfit that pays heed to aesthetic rather than practicality, reflecting her upbringing and personality. The implement she uses is a is an ornate flower-patterned hand-held fan that matches her outfit.

((Character image is actually really close to what I imagine her looking like. Her skin is a bit lighter and her eyes are blue otherwises this image is spot on. The image is taken taken from the Monster Hunter Illustrations VOL. 2 book.))


As the only daughter of renowned sorceror, Kazuya Suzuki, and heiress to the Suzuki estate, Ayuka has lived in Riversdawn all her life. Her mother was a bard by the name of Judith White, who was Kazuya’s adventuring partner and soulmate. Both her parents disappeared from Riversdawn when Ayuka was a child, leaving her in the care of the estate manager and the other staff employed by the estate.

Ayuka was homeschooled by tutors at the Suzuki manor but often leaves the estate to socialise and interact with the people of the town. She is most often seen with two of her friends, girls who, unlike everyone else, seem to hold on to her every word no matter how overdramatic or exaggerated it is. Although she claims a lot of things about herself the only things you’re absolutely sure she can actually do is use wind oriented magic, sing, and dance as she has done many a time during town festivals or other celebrations.

You’ve no idea about much of her personal life, though as a wealthy heiress you expect her life has been generally sheltered and uneventful.

Ayuka Suzuki

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