Classes on Itlan

Ardent: Ardents are an oddity throughout the world. Rarely trained in their unique traits, their powers are usually inborn. The first ardent was believed to have been spotted in The Coast of Goldensands near the cave where the progenator of the shardminds rests. Many uneducated folk believe their skills to be magic and they rarely question them.

Artificer: The first artificer was a gnome located in The Coastal Kingdom of Chorledon, and the best of them still reside there. Few of them train outsiders in their craft, but one occasion there are those who prove themselves worthy of learning the artificers secrets. Artificers who learn their abilities away from gnome tutelage often find they cannot reach their full potential.

Assassin: Rarely spoken of in civilized society, assassins are much more prevalent in the world than many leaders would like to admit. Their skills are considered a necessary evil as eliminating targets without a fuss can often prevent a battle or even war. But it is difficult for many assassins as they must remain out of the public eye to avoid being exposed and prevent their own deaths. Assassins caught in the act are usually brutally excecuted. The best assassin has learned to use magic to allow the darkness to help them with their tasks. Most major cities have at least a couple assassins within its limits.

Avenger: Much like assassins, avengers are often persecuted if caught performing their duties. They are the blade of the deity and their goal is to hunt down the enemies of their god. Some rebel against their position in life or are thrust into it without choice. Because avengers tend to be religious extremeists, they often remain within the confines of their god’s temple unless given a mission. Avengers typically earn many enemies, whether they mean to or not. Avengers can be found throughout the world.

Barbarian: Hailing from outside civilized society, barbarians are typically shunned in major cities due to their penchant to cause trouble. They tend to be rather gruff individuals who are not afraid to express their feelings, regardless of consequences. But their fiecesome battlefield reputation is well earned and they make extraordinary allies.

Bard: Welcomed throughout the world, bards are treated well almost anywhere they go. Sharing tales and singing songs are what bards do best. That is not to say that bards don’t often find themselves in hot water. Due to their attention seeking nature they often push the limits of what is acceptable in any society which results in a few angry patrons. All in all bards are generally well liked so long as they do not burn any bridges.

Battlemind: Of all the psionic beings brought into the world, battleminds are the most feared and misunderstood. Many granted the powers of a battlemind become arrogant and uncaring as they feel they are above beings. The power they command is intoxicating and can be abused much like the various drugs found on the continent.

Cleric: Clerics are the devoted to the many deities worshipped on Itlan, and are treated differently depending on where they are. Clerics of evil gods are normally shunned in civilized society yet they are embraced in places where that god is revered. Overall the power of the deities seem to be in decline as mortals rely less on the favor of the gods who have done little to help during the recent trying time.

Druid: So in tune with nature that they are able to take the form of wild beasts, druids rarely enter civilized cities and do not enjoy their time there. They enjoy reveling in nature and feel at home in woodlands moreso that buildings. Druids of different places tend to learn abilities from local druidic circles, and as such have similar skills. But each circle varies the type of druid trained as some are needed to defend their homelands, while others are needed to hunt down the enemies of the natural world. Rarely found in cities, they are mostly located within the woodlands of the world.

Fighter: Probably the most respected of all the martial disciplines, fighters are recognized throughout the lands. They are the soldiers who fight the wars and the front line warriors protecting their companions. All fighters are different, but they are

Invoker: Speakers of the divine word, invokers have dwindled in the world along with other priests of the gods. Their belief in holy retribution has caused much friction with non-believers and so many of them now remain within the temples of their deities.

Monk: An art first developed by the githzerai, monks are warriors capable of using their entire bodies as weapons. They spread their teachings throughout the land until realizing many of the other races were not disciplined enought to become monks. Now they teach only worthy students who travel to Chorledon for training. Other disciplines are taught in other parts of the world, but they are typically considered inferior to that taught by the gith.

Paladin: The righteous holy warriors have become both beacons of hope and social parriahs in the various sections of the world. While their dedication is still admired, many believe their devotion to the dive to be an outdated concept. Yet still they can be found all over the world, doing what they believe is right now matter what others think.

Psion: Manipulators of the minds, psions are rarely trusted as others often believe them to be altering others’ thoughts at all times. Many psions choose to keep their talents hidden to prevent mistrust, though a few proudly use their abilities in the open. .

Ranger: Hunters and trackers, rangers are often sought after in the world. Found in the wilderness or city they are a versatile bunch. Every army contains a force of them to use as scouts for the main force.

Rogue: Often spoken of derisively, the term rogue refers to individuals with a wide array of unique talents. Some rogues are thieves, others treasures hunters, simple thugs or countless other names. What is known is that despite their reputation, they serve a purpose in the world and so they are routinely hired by those from all walks of life.

Runepriest: Capturing the runes of the gods, runepriests are able to use that power to aid their friends and defeat their foes. First discovered by the dwarves, they often carve the symbols into weapons and other items for protection.

Seeker: There are spirits everyone on Itlan, but few are able to understand and use that knowledge. Seekers are the physical manifestation of the power of the spirits as they have a unique ability to loose the spirits on their enemies.

Shaman: As with seekers, there are others who can commune with the spirits as well. Shaman are those of a spiritual nature who feel comfortable communicating with the various spirits, even being able to keep them as companions.

Sorcerer: Sorcerous magic was first introduced by the dragons during their age of dominance. They taught various humanoid races to harnass the wild magic of the world and use it for their own. In the subsequent years they have taken what they learned and adapted it to various different mediums. Now most of the spellcasters on Ardhmur are sorcerers, and they can be found throughout the continent.

Swordmage: The ultimate blend of magic and martial abilities, the first swordmages were high elves many years ago. They had kept their secrets for centuries until they were stolen by a group of humans. The thieves were eventually tracked down and punished but not before they were able to spread the secrets. Now there can be found swordmages from many different races, much to the chagrin of the eladrin. Those who fear wizards think swordmages are little better despite the differences.

Warden: Protectors of the natural world, wardens are rarely seen in the heart of a city. They thrive out in the wilderness and as such remain there as often as possible. Many can be found in The Northern Wilds and Forest Elimnindria, though wherever the is uncivilized land there is likely to be a few of them.

Warlock: Warlocks on Ardhmur obtain their powers through numerous different mediums. But all share the similar aspect of making a pact with the powerful entity in return for the power granted. They can be found just about anywhere on the continent but rarely find a place to call home. Most believe warlocks to be willing to do anything for power and rumors have spread that state one must exchange their soul in order to seal the pact. That is not always the case and warlocks are often misunderstood by those who know little about them.

Warlord: Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, issuing commands and preparing strategies for the hundreds of battles which take place across Itlan every day. And so warlords find no end to the employment they are offered. Whether it is leading a mercenary group or guiding adventurers, they can perform in a variety of roles in order to get the job done. Most warlords are feared or respected throughout the land, and those who aren’t usually find they have no one following their lead.

Wizard: Trained mages normally begin their path within a university or as an apprentice to an older wizard. Highfire University and the Academy of Allknowledge are two of the more prominent locations where wizards are taught on Ardhmur. Some other locations shun wizards for the trouble they have brought to the world. This is especially true near forested lands where they revere nature, such as The Thunderhoove Woods. Small villages also treat mages warily as they have little means to defend themselves and are fearful of the wizards power.

Classes on Itlan

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