Legendary Tales

Noliarith killed Durian: The betrayal of the Demonmaker, an event retold innumeral times over the course of history. It sparked the war between the gods and changed the layout of Itlan forever.

The Demon-Devil Rift: Once allies, demons and devils became mortal enemies when each became overly ambitious. Using their servants as pawns, they have battled for dominion ever since. Neither side seems likely to relent and the war will continue until one side is completely wiped out.

Two wizards battled: A battle between two wizards which changed spellcasting forever. One of the mages accidentally discovered the art of necromancy and it soon spread like wildfire. Nowadays seeing the practitioners of the undead is far too common occurance for most folk.

The Spirit of the Hunt: A powerful spirit now protects the forest, but his tale as a mortal is told throughout the land. He sacrificed everything in order to save those he cared about it. an the ancient spirits of the land rewarded him for his bravery.

Raider Lord’s Rise to Power: Long ago the Northern Wilds were home to savage barbarians and wild tribes. It was not until the first Raider Lord rose to power that the goblinoids and others were united. Now the Raider Lord dominates much of the land and strikes fear into the hearts of many.

The Gith War: The split between the two gith races was a violent affair which nearly destroyed them both. In the end the githzerai came out victories with the help of their allies. Still the githyanki bide their way, waiting for sweet retribition.

A Dark Pact: The area which is not The Firesands Desert was once a pleasant location. But a powerful efreet sold his soul to Harielor, powers merged that never should have. The area was soon thereafter decimated and the devils were trapped away. From the carnage also came genasi, born from the wild magic and the merging of the elements.

Ividia’s Fall: A pround and prosperous city, the residents of Ividia were convinced that it would last forever. They were ill prepared when the giants came and laid waste to the city. Despite being partially rebuilt, Ividia’s fall remains a devastating setback for civilized society.

Vladmin the Pure’s Turn: Once a noble paladin and hero, Vladmin’s fall is a story told to many uptight knights who put too much pressure on themselves. Unable to protect his family he lost his mind and now the depths of his depravity are unknown. He was a hero at the time but would later became known as the Bloodknight.

Battle on the Steppes: After dominating the region for many years, the giants were finally confronted with a force that rivaled their power. Many thousands died but ultimately the giants were defeated, leading to their withdrawal from Ardhmur.

Devastation at Magiyaba: A horrible battle for the dwarves and their allies. They were routed by the yuan-ti and forced to retreat. While they had succeded in limiting the snakefolk’s influence in the region they also lost much of their strength. The dwarven race has yet to recover from the situation.

The Dread Plague of Gandav: A foul plague consumed the Island of Eternal Harmony and shortly thereafter it became overrun with undead. None know the cause of the disease but its effects are still being felt by the Island’s residents.

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Legendary Tales

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