The Coast of Goldensands

The Coast of Goldensands would be an ideal location if not for the yuan-ti city of Magiyaba and the sea born monsters which seem to be ever present along the shore. The beaches all consist of beautiful golden sand from which the area gets its name. The town of Lodenburg is the center of commerce, though there are various other settlements in the area as well. The Knights of Starlight Hall act as peace keepers in the region and are largely believed to be the reason the yuan-ti do not control the entire area. What attracts most adventurers and curious minds to the region are the Seaside Caves. Wonders and mysteries remain unfound as brave souls enter the caves almost daily. The weather tends to always be warm with a pleasant breeze often blowing in from the sea.


  • General Information: A human centered port town, Lodenburg is thriving thanks to their impressive array of ships. With access to various rivers they are able to quickly trade with distant cities without issues. Due to its large transient population, non-humans have become more prevalent in recent times.
  • History: Built as a small trading village, Lodenburg quickly grew into an important trade way on the coast. Early on it developed defenses to protect it from water based attacks, but its land forces were severely lacking. Sensing the problem, its early leader reached out to the fabled Knights of Starlight Hall for an alliance. The interaction quickly became a boon for both and each began to thrive.
  • Population: Because of the tradeways there seem to be a constant influx of new folk looking to move to Lodenburg, which is clearly a town on the rise. But with the influx of new races and coin have also come new thieves and power hungry individuals.
  • Leadership: The city is virtually run by The Shipmaster Guild as they control most of the waterways. The Shipmaster Guild is a powerful organization which started as a shipbuilding company, but now controls much of the waterways near The Coast of Goldensands. Few ships travel its domain without them knowing about it, and all pay the cost of doing so. They have been known in the past to employ pirates to do their dirty work, and they control a mercenary army which ensures their resources are looked out for.
  • Laws: Under-handed dealings have become the norm in Lodenburg. The leaders often turn a blind eye so long as the proper taxes are paid. Failing to pay guild dues is often met with broken bones or worse.
  • Defenses: Lodenburg has developed a capable navy to defend it from attacks from the water, while the Knights of Starlight Hall patrol the land. While they have a mercenary army to aid in their defense, it has rarely been needed until recently. As the Demonic Alliance returned, the yuan-ti of Magiyaba began to cause more trouble.
  • Religion: There is a surprisingly large following of Iderisge in the town, with the residents having grown rather bold over the years.
  • Commerce/Industries: Lodeburg trades in goods from all across the continent, using their seafaring connections to bring goods from the distant Kingdom of Chorledon and Two Dragons’s Empire and then move them to willing buyers inland.


  • General Information: Magiyaba is the largest city of yuan-ti on Ardhmur, and was the first settlement created after their return. It is a place writhing with intrigue and betrayal, and even the land surrounding the city has been warped. The yuan-ti have coerced many other races to serve them and those that do are basically serfs living in the area surrounding the city.
  • History: The snakefolk city was erected quickly when they returned to the mainland. Its walls, which are hundreds of feet tall, were built in a surprising short amount of time. From that point forward few not of the yuan-ti empire have had any insight as to what goes on in the feared place.
  • Population: None can even begin to guess at the number of snakefolk and slavew within Magiyaba.
  • Leadership: No outsider knows who leads the yuan-ti and it is suspected many of their race do not either.
  • Laws: The only known rule is that no one who isn’t a servant of the yuan-ti may enter the city and emerge from it alive. There are no known survivors who have done so.
  • Defenses: The city’s defenses have rarely been tested as the high walls and ancient magic serve to deter any would be invaders.
  • Religion: Conneda-ti is the only deity allowed to be worshiped within Magiyaba, much like the rest of the yuan-ti controlled lands.
  • Commerce/Industries: The snakefolk city is rather self-sufficient, and it has few willing trade partners. It is rumored that they have connections with a sect of shadar-kai, but none know if there is truth in that.

The Seaside Caves

  • General Information/History: All across the beaches of the Goldensands are caves which numerous beings call home. Bandits and pirates also use them to store their ill gotten goods or evade those in search of them. Others shelter monsters and other intrigues which explorers seek to uncover. Some say various dragons now call the caves home after fleeing persecution, though that has not been proven. The most famous of The Seaside Caves is the one from which emerged the kalashtar and shardminds. Though its location is yet a secret, that does not stop many from looking for it nonetheless. Power remains within the cave and power is something many crave. But the powers of the various psions ensure the home of their Progenitor remains unfound.
  • Terrain: The caves range in size from single rooms to winding underground labrynths. Most are found just off the sand of the Coast’s beaches.
  • Inhabitants: There are a wide array of different races and creatures living within the numerous caves. Many kalashtar and shardminds call them home, while others serve as monster lairs.

Starlight Hall

  • General Information: An ivory manor whose beauty is best enjoyed at night, Starlight Hall is home the the self proclaimed wealthiest human family on Ardhmur. Under their employ are hundreds of servants and soldiers, as well as the Knights of Starlight Hall. The area surrounding Starlight Hall is owned by the Knights, though they rarely remain at their own holds. The farmlands of the area are very furtile and the trade of harvested goods ensures new coin is ever present.
  • History: Founded by the Vol Ensterlands long ago, the place has not expanded since its original development. Because of the proficiency of the Knights it has never seen an attack reach its doors.
  • Population: Between the hall and the surroudning area there are a few thousand individuals serving under the noble family. Even the poorer folk are relatively well off.
  • Leadership: The head of the Vol Ensterlands rules over the land, though in truth there is rather little for him to govern. The treasurer and overseer have been loyal to the family for many generations and they normally handle the daily tasks.
  • Laws: The laws of Starlight Hall are the same as most other civilized places, though the presence of the Knights means fewer tend to attempt to break any rules.
  • Defenses: The knights are a fabled group said to be undefeated in battle, which has deterred many enemies from setting their sights on the Hall.
  • Religion: Rengaiset is the most widely worshipped deity, though Nebenis is not far behind.
  • Commerce/Industries: The Vol Ensterland family has maintained a peaceful relationship with The Shipmaster Guild, and they work jointly on issues of trade quite often. The Lord Baron turns a blind eyes to the guild’s untidy dealings so long as handsome profit continues to roll in.

Earth’s Call

  • General Information: Sometimes referred to as the City Carved from Stone, Earth’s Call is located within a massive cavern and many of the buildings were crafted from the ground itself.
  • History: It is said that dwarves helped build Earth’s Call, though few of the stoutfolk remain within it.
  • Population:
  • Leadership:
  • Laws:
  • Defenses:
  • Religion:
  • Commerce/Industries:

Valathammer’s Foundry

  • General Information/History:. Once a location which pioneers flocked to because of the area’s rich metal veins, the Foundry now lies in the hands of a group of devils. They attacked in the darkness of night and since that time have controlled the area. Surprisingly they have not spread their influence all that much, instead exploiting the riches of the area and building their wealth.
  • Terrain: Valathammer’s Foundry would technically be considered several of them merged together. It is a large and winding series of tunnels which has been mined extensively.
  • Inhabitants: Devils control the Foundry, aided by their underlings and trained beasts. They allow traders and merchants on their land but few others.

The Coast of Goldensands

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