The Cursed Swamplands

One of the more inhospitable places on the continent is The Cursed Swamplands. Lying south of Chorledon it is a place often sought out for numerous reasons. There are said to be rare plants that exist only there which draws alchemists and other potion brewers frequently. Rumors about of ancient relics being lost in the swamps waiting to be rediscovered. Do-gooders also travel to the swamps to try and rid the world of the savages who call it home or the Bloodknight who terrorizes the lands. Throughout the swamps are tribes of bullywugs and lizardfolk battling each other for supremacy. There are very few villages in the area as it is more work than it is worth in order to develop them. A name can be made for any who would settle the land, but that is a tall task for even the most powerful of individuals.

Bloodknight Tower

  • General Information/History: No being in the swamp is as feared as the Bloodknight, a former paladin whose turn to evil was shocking and sudden. It is said that he is a vampire though there is no confirmation of that fact. Either way he commands great power and does not permit intrusion into the lands surrounding his tower.
  • Terrain: The area surrounding the tower is filled a pestilence filled bog where few living beings can survive for long. Sections of the area act as quicksand, sucking unsuspecting victims below the surface without warning. A single path leads to the front of the Tower, yet those who live in the swamp claim that is the most dangerous route to take.
  • Inhabitants: Various fell beings serve as the Bloodknight’s guardians and he lets them dispose of those who might disturb him. Occasionally he will gather his forces and set out in search of captives, often taking many of them and slaying others. Whole tribes of lizardfolk and bullywugs have been destroyed during such raids, and none know his purpose.

Town of Ghehedrion

  • General Information: Built after rare herbs were found in the swamplands, the town is in a dangerous but very lucrative location. The herbs are used for numerous reasons, but the most common are for advanced healing purposes and black market drugs. Built far enough away from Bloodknight Tower to avoid being attacked, at least so far, it is still a place not for the faint of heart.
  • History: The town is relatively new, and it doesn’t have much of a noteworthy history. It has been occasionally attacked by the residents of the swamp, but those who live in Ghehedrion are well armed and so far have deterred all raids.
  • Population: The population of Ghehedrion ranges anywhere between five hundred to eight hundred individuals and is made up of a variety of different races. Humanoids have a hard time living within the swamp for too long, so it is the hardier races to tend to stay for awhile. There are a few bullywugs living there as well.
  • Leadership: The town is led by a new mayor who is elected every two years as the population tends to turn over quite a bit due to death and departures. Most of Ghehedrion’s inhabitants are left alone to perform their own tasks, though.
  • Laws: The town is virtually law free, with most of the residents operating independently. But because of the dangers outside, the townsfolk get along well for the most part so as to not work up any more danger for themselves.
  • Defenses: Various defenses have been built by the alchemists seeking out the herbs as well as mages hired from the Academy of Allknowledge.
  • Religion: A small church of Rengaiset was built recently, and the followers of the Sun Dragon have since attempted to influence others into joining their cause. Many of the locals fear that those clergy folk will attract the town unwanted attention. Outsiders think all who live in the accursed swamp must be influenced by Sermotpe to some degree.
  • Commerce/Industries: The plants of the swamp provide most of the income to the residents of the town, and there is little other reason to be there. Treasure hunters will occasionally dig up rare and valuable items, but those adventures are often not worth the risk.

Academy of Allknowledge

  • General Information/History: Only the Temple of the Overseer rivals the academy for sheer numbers of written books and tomes. If something of import is written down, it is very likely to have a copy end up in the Academy of Allknowledge. Laying within the marshes near the swamp it is a place which is difficult to get to unless the secret way is known. In order to gain access to the Academy of Allknowledge one must bring it a tome which the academy does not have or follow a path of clues left in historical texts about the place. For those mages who are able to gain entry the reward is well worth the price. Harming or stealing a tome from the Academy is strictly forbidden, and such an act will mean permanent eviction.
  • Terrain: The Academy is said to be located deep within the swamp, though there are supposedly portals which lead to it. None within the place look outside its walls nor could they find the exact point that it is on a map.
  • Inhabitants: Many who find themselves at the Academy stay for a long time due to the amount of information one can find there along with the luxuries it holds. The Academy’s caretakers are children of current ones who are trained from their early childhood to take over that position. There are no living guards in the place, instead there are golems and other magical creations which ensure the place is well defended.

Canyon of the Maiden

  • General Information/History:
  • Terrain:
  • Inhabitants:


  • General Information: Few outside of Shallowbrook have ever walked within its walls and emerged to tell about it.
  • History: The city has been isolated for hundreds of years of being betrayed several times by their allies.
  • Population:
  • Leadership:
  • Laws:
  • Defenses:
  • Religion:
  • Commerce/Industries:

The Cursed Swamplands

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