The Lake of Stinging Fog

Directly south of The Cursed Swamplands is the Lake of Stinging Fog, so named for the obvious reason that the local fog stings humanoid skin. Ruled by the Great One, as he is known to the locals, the area is teeming with disease and danger. But treasure seekers often fantasize about delving into the wonders of places such as the Vault of the Ancients or the Ruins of Valatormin. Freelake Keep stands as the last place of hope for those near the lake.

Freelake Keep

  • General Information: A small fort located at the edge of the lake, Freelake Keep is comprised mostly of adventurers who see to free the area from the oppression of the Great One. Its inhabitants are a strange bunch, with seemingly every race on the planet represented there. Many have left the region due to the various difficulties but those who remain see Freelake Keep as their shot for a better life. The keep is the only place in the region where one can resupply and seek safety.
  • History: Few know of why the Keep was built, as the recent inhabitants took over the keep instead of constructing it themselves. Since that time, the place has served as a refuge for travelers and those in danger.
  • Population: There are approximately ten thousand individuals living at Freelake Keep, and the population is very diverse.
  • Leadership: Freelake Keep is governed by Felner of the Brave, a high ranking priest of Iderisge. Felnir is an halfling old enough to have gray hair, yet he insists on personally leading his followers in combat. Felner is never seen without numerous pieces of jewelry, with his consorts spreading word that is true even in bed.
  • Laws: Survival is the only vital law to know in Freelake, though following the word of Iderisge is also recommended. Many greedy individuals find other places to live that are far less dangerous, leaving the residents of Freelake to be able to trust each other for the most part.
  • Defenses: The devout of Iderisge are skilled warriors on top of being able to use divine magic. Thus they have been able to keep raiders and invaders at bay. Others who live within the stone walls are often hardened due to the difficulties of the region.
  • Religion: Iderisge The Brave has a large following in the Keep, which may explain some of the locals reason for staying. What better place to test oneself against innumerable dangers.
  • Commerce/Industries: The fish in the lake are plentiful and large, with many being delicacies in other parts of the continent.

Vault of the Ancients

  • General Information/History: Legend tells that the Vault of the Ancients was meant to be the home of a deity who wished to live among his people on Itlan. It was crafted by the hands of angels and was the most perfect place in the mortal world. But something happened which changed everything, tainting the Vault forevermore. Some believe the god who originally built the place was warped by the mortal world, while others say he was betrayed by his most favored angel. Now the Vault is home to foul monsters and other dastardly beings. Artifacts which stretch back to the time of creation have been uncovered and it is told that the place has barely been explored as of yet.
  • Terrain: The Vault stills looks as it always has, a beautiful set of marble steps leading down to a large ivory door. The area surrounding the Vault is overgrown with plants, but the stairs and railings remain clear.
  • Inhabitants: Dark angels and other once holy beings stalk the Vault in search of corruptible victims. While once they were pure and good, the beings are now exactly the opposite. Explorers have said the walking dead roam there as well.

Lair of the Great One

  • General Information/History: None know exactly who or what the Great One is, but all fear its power. It holds sway over various creatures in the lake and is said to be an extremely powerful entity. It lies at the bottom of the lake with tunnels leading to various caverns in the area surrounding it. A couple mad adventurers claim to have seen the Great One, though their tales of a giant multi-headed beast with hundreds of fangs are often ignored. Still, there are not many folk who dare venture into its lair. Priests and clerics from Freelake Keep have posted large warning signs in the area, but such a warning is not necessary as an eerie silence hangs over the area near the lair.
  • Terrain: The lair is a large cave found on the beach of the lake. It looks much like any other beach found in the area.
  • Inhabitants: The Great One holds sway over many beings, from bullywugs and lizardfolk to dire animals.

The Ruins of Valatormin

  • General Information/History: The ruins of an ancient city, Valatormin still has various individuals call it home. Destroyed before even the Great One was in power, it is unknown how or why the place was destroyed.
  • Terrain: The ruins lie half buried along the edges of the lake. It appears as though they stretch for leagues, meaning the city must have been truly enormous. Fungus, moss and other plant life grows onto and over the buildings in many places.
  • Inhabitants: Remarkably there remain the descendants of those who lived in the city prior to it being leveled, living in squalor and hiding within the toppled down buildings. Some have made contact with the residents of the place but all who remain there refuse to leave. They are survivalists able to avoid most dangers and are rarely seen unless they want to be.

Staghorn River

  • General Information/History: The Staghorn River runs from the heart of Central Ardhmur all the way to the Lake. It gets its name because of the numerous off-shoots it has, leading to an antler like appearance on maps. The river is one of the largest on the continent and serves as a major tradeway to the south.
  • Terrain: A long and winding river, the area surrounding it is usually rife with plants and animals of all sorts. The river itself is about two hundred yards wide and is filled with jagged rocks and other boating hazards.
  • Inhabitants: Many different types of water based creatures make their homes along the river. There are plenty of fishing villages and other small towns until it nears the Lake of Stinging Fog.

Longleaf Woods

  • General Information/History:
  • Terrain:
  • Inhabitants:

The Lake of Stinging Fog

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