Devastation at Magiyaba

Two armies watched each other’s preparations from hundreds of yards apart. Throughout the yuan-ti ranks there was a horrible chanting which sounded like a thousand snakes hissing at the same time. On the dwarven side the clashing of weapons on shields resonated in unison while they sang their ancient battle sounds. Neither side flinched as the moment of battle neared, each knowing full well what was in store for them.

A mighty dwarven horn sounded which signaled the charge. Stubby legged dwarves bounded forward faster than one would expect in their heavy armor. War machines which were previously readied began to fire at will and tear holes in the snakefolk’s ranks. Yet those gaps in the line were quickly filled are more of the vile beings moved forward to take the place of the fallen. The dwarven infantry continued their charge and the yuan-ti were yet to move.

With an unexpected suddenness the chanting of the snakefolk stopped as a group of robed individuals emerged from their ranks. The ancient looking beings finalized the ritual which they had started earlier as thousands of tiny magical, poison darts hurtled through the air. The effects were devastating as the dwarven charge faltered against magic their own mages could not stop.

The yuan-ti and their slaves charged in the wake of the darts, hoping to capitalize on the moment of weakness created by the ritual. But dwarves are a tough folk and they reformed quickly. The clash was brutal as wicked blades met dwarven steel. Slowly but surely the dwarven numbers were being widdled down as the combat surged back and forth throughout the lines. Knowing the battle was at a turning point, the dwarven general signaled for his Heavy Hammerers to move forward and deliver the decisive blow. The Heavy Hammerers were his best troops, a company renowned for their ability as heavy armored infanty.

The Hammerers moved into position and pushed the snakefolk back. Crushing skulls and smashing bones, they were bull rushing their way through the yuan-ti almost without resistance. The rest of the dwarven army cheered at the sight and followed in their wake. The dwarven general knew something was wrong, and tried to signal for his troops to stop the charge, but it was too late. The main gate of Magiyaba opened and the dwarves’ doom strode out.

The Hammerers were the first to see them, foul snakelike abominations both agile and powerful. They slithered with large greatswords in hand and cleaved through large swathes of the smaller humanoids. Only a dozen of them surged forth, but that was more than enough as they cut through armor and bone without care. Blood flew, and everywhere one looked dwarves died. After only a couple minutes the tide of battle had shifted and the day was surely lost.

Those dwarves in the reserve looked on with a mixture of fear and horror. Their comrades were being slaughtered, with dwarven bodies littering the battlefield. None were prepared for what they were witnessing. With deep regret that later would force him into self imposed exile, the general sent the order to sound the retreat. For the first time in their proud history The First Dwarven Kingdom had failed, and it would lead to their downfall.

Devastation at Magiyaba

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